Much Has Happened at WDT

Much has happened since Wine Dine & Travel Magazine premiered three months ago. We have traveled extensively – from the great ports of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and New England to India and Nepal, and our adventures in all those places will be chronicled in future issues. As exciting as our travels have been, the reception of our first issue featuring Amsterdam was perhaps just as rewarding.
We were thrilled by the hundreds of enthusiastic comments we received about the magazine. Also gratifying was fact that more than 100,000 travel enthusiasts from almost every country on the planet enjoyed it from their homes and work. We thank those of you who loved the magazine and passed the link to friends and colleagues.
Despite the travel schedule, we managed to birth a new edition of the magazine which is 16 pages thicker and we think even better. In it we welcome three newcomers to our family of contributors Maribeth Mellin, Priscilla Lister and Nancy Carol Carter. All of our contributors have three things in common: They love travel, they are veteran journalists and they are our friends. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do.
We also hope you enjoy our in-depth foray into Great Britain. This exciting destination rich with history and beauty is a favorite of most travel writers, especially our friends and fellow travelers Sharon and Carl Larsen. They contributed four stories including visits to the historic Churchill War Rooms and the real Downton Abbey.
Other features travel the globe to explore Idaho’s Sawtooth wilderness, share adventures in Kauai, sample great eats in Norway and view the stunning landscape of Antarctica.
While you’re enjoying this issue’s entertaining trip around the world, we’ll be working on the next issue. In it we’ll share adventures in India and Nepal as well as a transit the Panama Canal as it celebrates its centenary. In between our editorial work, we’ll squeeze in an Asian cruise with stops in Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Thailand and Singapore.
Enjoy the magazine and Bon Voyage wherever you may travel.

Ron & Mary James