For years, JoAnn Becker traveled the world with her husband, who was sighted. When he died 15 years ago, she vowed to continue experiencing new cultures. She has traveled in groups a dozen times, including twice with Overseas Adventure Travel, a Boston-based travel company.

But when Becker signed up this year to go to Vietnam, the company said no.

The travel company contends it told Becker she could go on the trip if she found a traveling companion. Becker remembers it as the company saying she couldn’t go because she’s blind.

“We are happy to partner with her by hiring, and sharing the cost of, someone in Vietnam who can assist her as needed,” the company said late last week, without saying how much it was willing to spend.

Becker said she doesn’t want to pay more than anyone else and is tired of Overseas Adventure Travel making assumptions about what she can and can’t do. She’d like a less patronizing attitude and an apology.

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